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Business Aspects of Freelancing: Advanced Topics for your Writing Business

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Maybe you're already doing just fine as a writer but wondering how to tackle business aspects. This course will help you learn how to scale your efforts and add other revenue-producing projects to your business portfolio.

Module 1: Branding yourself

  • Define your freelancer brand across platforms
  • Create an effective freelancer bio that attracts more clients
  • How to leverage social media to connect with clients and build your brand
  • Tips for creating a compelling website
  • How to get out there more, attracting more clients and others to your projects

Module 2: Classifying your business with the IRS

  • How to decide on a business classification
  • Comparing an LLC vs. S-Corp
  • Using an S-Corp for your taxes, even while remaining an LLC

Module 3: Manage payroll and accounting

  • How to set up payroll for yourself (and why it's a good idea)
  • Tips for learning about your state's requirements
  • What you need to know about hiring an accountant or payroll specialist

Module 4: How to hire for your business

  • How to know when it's time to hire help for your business
  • Choosing between contractors and employees
  • Using a VA to grow your business and handle mundane tasks
  • How subcontracting works and when it can help you scale your business

Module 5: Create a system

  • Benefits to using systems to scale your business, earning more while working less
  • How to set up a good system that works for you
  • Step-by-step examples of how to set up different systems for your freelancing business
  • Tips for applying systems to your personal life so you can optimize other aspects of your time and energy

Module 6: Expand your empire

  • How to decide to diversify your offerings
  • Different opportunities for expanding your offerings
  • When it makes sense to partner with others on business projects
  • How to find the right partners and set up systems to manage that work
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Everything you need to know to run an effective and profitable freelance writing business. From when to switch your tax election to hiring help. We even go over how to create systems designed to help you do more in less time.

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Business Aspects of Freelancing: Advanced Topics for your Writing Business

0 ratings
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