Intermediate Freelance Writing Course: Turn Your Writing Side Hustle into a Freelance Business

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This course will take you to the next level if you've already started earning money as a freelance writer. We'll guide you through the next steps so you can replace your day job with the freedom and flexibility of freelancing.

Module 1: How to run your business like a business

  • Creating contracts (we've got a template for you)
  • Manage your taxes
  • Make sure you get paid – including tips for making it a seamless transaction

Module 2: What editors want

  • Setting the right goals as a freelancer
  • When to push back on client requests (and how to do it without losing the gig)
  • Real-life examples of how to deal with tricky client situations
  • Tips for setting health boundaries
  • Your complete guide to pitching
  • How to protect yourself

Module 3: Transition to writing full-time

  • Juggling your freelancing with a job
  • How to know when it's time to go full-time
  • Practical tips for making the transition as smooth as possible

Module 4: Interviewing sources

  • How to handle different types of interviews
  • Understanding what makes a good source
  • Tools for recording and transcribing interviews
  • Best practices to follow when interviewing sources

Module 5: Maximizing your income

  • Using expertise and niches to boost your rates
  • Establishing good habits to better leverage your time
  • Overcoming writer's block
  • Managing productivity, so you're at your peak more often
  • Real-life scenarios and examples of how to effectively raise your freelance rates

Module 6: Useful freelance business tools

Use this module to learn more about the tools available to improve your productivity and make your life easier as you manage your freelance business.

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Turn your writing side hustle into a full-fledged business. We share tools, next-level techniques, and how to make more money while working less.


Intermediate Freelance Writing Course: Turn Your Writing Side Hustle into a Freelance Business

0 ratings
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