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Beginner Freelance Writing Course

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Start your freelance writing journey today. This course has all the basics you need to establish yourself as a freelance writer and get your first paid client.

Module 1: Building a foundation

  • Define your writing niche
  • Create an online presence
  • Networking and finding a community
  • What you DON'T need when starting out.

Module 2: Creating a portfolio

  • When and how to use guest posts
  • Where to collect your portfolio and showcase your work

Module 3: Finding paid writing gigs

  • How to network
  • Using freelance platforms
  • Making the most of jobs boards
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for paid work
  • How to cold pitch (get a template in our Resources)

Module 4: Talking about pay

  • How to set rates as a freelance writer
  • Managing your anxiety when you talk about pay
  • Tips for negotiating your rates
  • Learning to say no when it's not the right fit
  • Establishing non-negotiables

Module 5: Getting paid

  • What you need to know about different payment terms (we've got a sample contract for you to use)
  • Working with clients on different payment methods
  • Handling the situation when a client refuses to pay

Module 6: Keeping clients

  • Tips for doing your best work
  • How to maintain professional relationships
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Learn the basics of becoming an online freelance writer. You'll get step-by-step instructions on how to figure out what to write, and find your first paid client.

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Beginner Freelance Writing Course

0 ratings
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